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PhoenixReb squad

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Now we are 10 people in the squad! That is a good sign and i will try to let PhoenixReb grow MORE.
Our Nr.10 is "FliP" - - he left the "animal blood" for us. I think a lot of players know him, so i don't have to say sth. about him.
22.12.05 15:15

007's squad is "OUT"

A few days ago I was able to win "the air faiter" for our squad! He was leader and owner of the "007's" squad. 007's is now deleted and OUT of game. I'm sorry for the rest of the members...
Good luck 4 them to find a new squad!!!
21.12.05 15:13

2 new members

After "eyes-sewn-shut" is now "asdf15" a new member of the PhoenixReb squad. I'm happy to have them in my squad and hope that they'll do everything to let the others know : ""PhoenixReb is a good squad""!!
the gif. in "members is actually not overworked, but it will be in a few days. YingYang#ReBoRN
21.12.05 15:06

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